About Us

CSA Youth

We care and can make a difference in our community

Our Mission:

CSA Youth will work in conjunction and as part of the Community Service Association of New Providence to actively engage New Providence high school students to give back by volunteering for community service projects that will directly impact and provide assistance to needy members of the community.



The Youth will provide services that will meet New Providence resident’s needs by mobilizing youth volunteers. CSA Youth will partner with the CSA Caseworker who will identify needs or create projects to assist our needy neighbors who are unable to perform certain tasks or chores. CSA Youth will then deploy teams of volunteers to make a difference.

The CSA Youth will participate in fundraising events to raise funds that will assist in accomplishing our mission.



Our goal is for members to build character, have pride in their community and efforts, interact with our members, and make a positive contribution to our community. We are an organization that will strive to bring New Providence youth and the community together by working for a good cause!



among other things CSA Youth can assist with:

  • Raking the leaves

  • Yard work / yard clean up

  • Shoveling snow

  • Assisting with groceries

  • Moving boxes/ furniture

  • Companionship

  • Rides (local only)

  • Setting up emails/ tech support


  • Membership Committee

  • Fund-Raising Committee

  • Knowledge and Tech-Support

  • Teen Call: Provide labor work and help

  • Event coordinator

  • Communications Publications


Case worker:      John Malinauskas.

Contact phone is:   908 665-8254.

Our email address is:  csa_youth@csanewprovidence.org


 Our address is:   360 Elkwood Ave, New Providence, NJ.

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